Your brand identity
on your window blinds

Business class blinds

At Identiblinds, the brand image of our clients is our ultimate focus. Take your business interiors to a new level with our premium branded blinds. Carrying your brand identity across the windows of your business premises adds an extra sense of engagement with your staff, your customers and passers by from outside.

high quality printed blinds large format press

Cutting edge print

We understand how precious our customers' brand image is to them, which is why we use state of the art large format 8 colour presses. This allows us to print to a very high resolution compared to the standard in printed blinds. This ensures the highest standard of image quality across different colours and shades. Company logos are rendered with sharp edges and vivid colours, without the blurring and tonal limitations of cheap banner prints.

Premium textiles

A superior surface quality is vital to getting the image results we achieve on our blinds. We use speciality fabrics engineered in Germany, each with it's own distinct qualities. The range of textures include a natural cotton canvas, an unusual rubber-like surface and a lightly textured fabric which can be printed on both sides. While some allow light from behind to pass through, others block out the light completely.

high quality blinds fabrics and textiles
company blinds are enclosed in a cassette

Sleek and simple

There are two main alternatives to the top part of our blinds, The roller can be exposed or tucked away neatly within an aluminium cassette. The front plate of the cassette is coated in a understated powder white. For an extra touch of branding, a strip of the blind fabric can be inserted into the front plate which can allow a logo or a slogan to be seen even when the blinds are closed.

Finishing Touches

Our blinds are finished off with an aluminium bar to weigh down the fabric. This can be in a brushed metal finish or the same powder white coating as on the cassette. They are controlled by a stainless steel sidewinder. Alternatively we can also supply motorised blinds which are operated by switch or remote control for the ultimate ease of use.

company blinds finished with a steel chain and aluminium bar
This is our standard product, but if you have a more specific need for your branded blinds, please contact us with your requirements.