How to measure up for blinds

We'll need accurate measurements to ensure your blinds fit properly. Decide whether you would like the blinds to fit inside the window recess or covering it over and follow the guides below.

Measuring for blinds inside the window recess

To measure up for a blind that hangs inside a window recess, take 3 measurements across from wall to wall and note the shortest measurement. Now take another 3 measurements vertically for the drop (length from top to bottom of the blind) and again note the shortest measurement. These shortest measurements are measurements to send us for your blinds.

measuring up for company blinds inside recess

Measuring for blinds outside the window recess

To measure up for a blind that hangs outside a window recess, you must first consider how you much width you wish the blind to cover. Note the measurement of this width. Then decide how far above the window you would like the blind to start and measure from top to where the bottom of the blind needs to reach. These are the width and drop measurements to send us.

measuring up for company blinds outside recess


Don’t adjust your measurements to allow for any fittings such as the cassette – just supply us with the measurements as instructed above.