Branding can be seen inside and out

Why printed blinds?

Our company branded blinds offer our customers a simple and elegant way to add their corporate identity to the windows of their offices, factories, studios and shops.

Making your mark

By printing logos on blinds we allow our customers to add an innovative sense of identity to their business premises. Where an office or shop lacks a space on the wall to display the company logo, the windows can be a perfect place. Blinds can be set to stop part way down keeping the logo visible at all times. The top cassette also allows for a strip of fabric to be inserted, meaning the branding can be seen when the blinds are rolled up.

More than just logos

Of course it doesn't have to be a corporate logo, you can supply us with illustrations, photographs or text such as a slogan or promotional message. As long as the artwork is high enough resolution for print we can print it on your window blinds. If you're stuck for ideas we can even create an image for you that will work beautifully within your brand.

Interior, exterior or both

The printed side of the blinds can face either the inside or outside of the window. The soft diffusion offered by our single side fabrics means lighter areas of the image or logo are illuminated when light passes through from behind. Our blackout fabrics stop any light passing through but allow both sides of the blind to be printed, allowing a different image or message to be printed on each.

Perfect for a modern workspace

There are other companies offering printed blinds. Where we differ is the standards we are capable of. State of the art presses and high quality textiles ensure the sharpness of image required for a logo and a expansive gamut of colour possibilities. Our technical capabilities combined with our passion for branding places us perfectly to work effectively with your corporate identity.